US-Japan Joint Institute for Fusion Theory Workshop on
Innovations and co-designs of fusion simulations towards extreme scale computing

August 20-21, 2015
Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan


To promote US-Japan collaborations on co-design of fusion applications towards extreme scale computing, and on high performance computing in fusion simulations of core and edge plasmas and plasma-material interactions.

Engineering and Science (E&S) Bldg.,
Nagoya University (Higashiyama Campus)
(Please find C2-4 on the university map: )

The nearest airport is Chubu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya (NGO)
(See )
Take a Meitetsu train from the airport to the downtown.
(Meitetsu route map: ).
Use subway(s) to get to Nagoya University (Higashiyama Campus). The subway station is, “Nagoya Daigaku”. See also . (Subway route map: ).

A variety of hotels are available in the downtown areas of Nagoya city, such as “Sakae” or “Meieki” (around JR Nagoya Station) areas. Access to the university is roughly 20-30 min by the subway. The most convenient location to the university and from the airport may be “Kanayama” area. Here is a short list of hotels in Nagoya:

Program and Contributions:

Workshop dinner is planned on August 20.

Tomo-Hiko Watanabe ()
Theoretical Plasma Physics Laboratory
Department of Physics, Nagoya University
Nagoya 464-8602, Japan